HD motorcycles always bring us lots of cool custom projects. We all know that lot of personalised work is done with these cult bikes.


Here is what we can offer you for your motorcycle:


Rear suspension:

-High performance, custom-built shocks for your OEM or modified bike.

We developed a special line of shocks exclusively for HD with specs and parts created only for them. These shocks can be made with specific length and calibration on demand.

They are made , like all of our shocks, from the highest quality materials, precise machining and hand assembled to specific specs. All these parts are made in North America and we like to repeat that NOTHING PRODUCED, INSTALLED OR SOLD BY STADIUM is made in China.


They are available for all FLH, V-Rod, Night-Rod, Sportster models and custom made bikes.






*Click on model for technical specs and illustration.


Front Suspension:


-Complete maintenance, cleaning and fluid change. We use synthetic fork fluids only with anti scuffing/anti wear additives. Of course, fluid viscosity and levels is always according to precise specs.

-oil/dust seal replacement, tube polishing and inspection, bushing inspection or replacement and complete maintenance.


-spring replacement if rate is incorrect or wear is detected. We always measure the spring rate with our certified digital scale. We would then recommend to install the right springs if not appropriate.



-lowering/ length modification. We often shorten forks to lower bikes for shorter riders or

to lower the center of gravity. Here again, when combined with rear lowering, will provide an easier handling in technical sections and more confident ride.

This process is always reversible to it's original length if a taller rider would use the motorcycle afterwards.


-replacement parts, specific repairs and projects, chrome re-plating, machining, welding etc(tubes, legs, bushings, seals, damping rods, cartridges etc..) Available for most forks.


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