Shock technical informations

When you purchase STADIUM shocks, you purchase hand crafted, state of the art product. Our products are in constant evolution, unit by unit. No shock is assembled in advance, every unit is designed and assembled for a specific application, rider and vehicule.  You don't have to be the world champion to appreciate how much better these components will work for you.

When you purchase Stadium shocks, you get:


-Black chrome, hard treated chromoly alloy steel cylinders.

Even after many years of heavy duty riding, they practically don't have any wear. Some riders transfer them from a vehicule to another, year after year, and this for many years.

They will most likely last much longer then the vehicule.


-Chrome treated, hard thermal treated, rectified shafts.

Here again, these parts are very resistant to abrasion and wear, therefore they last for a very long time.


-Billet machined, T6061 anodized parts, aircraft precision specs.


-Billet machined stainless steel parts, aircraft precision specs.


-Thermostatic system. Regulating oil flow compensating for operating temperature changes. Providing a constant damping in extreme conditions.


-VRDS (velocity reaction damping system) compression damping system. This allows to minimise mechanical transfer on hard hits. Resulting in plusher, more precise riding and less physical fatigue. This compression adjustment system provides you one of the widest range in the industry. ( single adj. or high/low speed adjustment)


-Rebound damping adjustability with, again, one of the widest range in the industry.

-Length adjustability (10mm) and reservoir angle adjustment.(piggyback models)



-Powder coated, chrome-silicone, heated treated springs for a constant rate thru their long life.


-Low-stiction, Bladder reservoir system. This type of fluid/nitrogen separation system is used in our shocks resulting in a more sensitive shock displacement increasing plushness and traction. It also keeps operating temperatures lower, therefore longer fluid life and more consistent damping. (Magnum large capacity reservoirs are also available for extreme conditions)

-Wide range spring preload adjustability. Build with a threaded body, you have the possibility to increase spring preload on a wide scale, allowing you to obtain the correct ride height. (a spanner wrench is included when you purchase shocks)


-Microcellular eurethane bumpstops. Installed with specific length and shapes, optimising stroke, impact progressivity and durability.


-PTFE-Turcite friction band, providing low friction and wear, are also resistant to high speed and temperature operation. High percentage of bronze also result in long lasting life.


-Dual oil seal, low friction, lubricated guide bushing sealhead.

This is our unique system providing low shaft friction and therefore less wear.


-All the parts are always available to our customers all the time. We ship worldwide within short delays.


-Technical support is always available by telephone at 450-464-8469


For any questions, call to make sure you get all the answers you are looking for!



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