Since it's foundation in 1983, Stadium has been involved into the evolution of the sport at the highest level of competition  in several countries. We have been working since then with top racers, engineers, manufacturers, team managers and riders to develop a complete line of product and services. they, without a doubt, will allow you to optimise your performance an skill bringing you to your optimal level of riding, performance an therefore enjoyment of the sport you love so much, the same way they contributed to win many championships, year after year.


After all these years of development, here is what we can offer you to dial-in or repair your motorcycle:


Rear Suspension:


-complete maintenance, fluid change, shaft polishing, cleaning and servicing.


-Sealhead replacement and servicing with our own designed sealheads. Our sealheads

have a unique lubricated bushing, dual oil sealing design. This allows a lower shaft friction for less stiction and longer sealhead/shaft life. It also is needed to be replaced if a shock would be leaking or would have some wear in its guide bushing.



- Custom valving with our optimised flow pistons and PTFE-Turcite friction band.

Obviously, the OEM manufacturers cant produce on a large quantity, a motorcycle that will suite everyone's needs, especially for high performance riding or racing. That's why we will install our parts.  These allow a precise suspension setup tuned for your motorcycle, weight and application gaining in comfort, control, traction and speed.



-Lowering/length modifications.

We often shorten or change the length of a shock to adapt the bike's height for a shorter rider or to lower the center of gravity. It results in more confidence in handling, for instance when you have to manoeuvre the bike at low speeds. This operation is fully reversible to it’s original length if a taller rider would use the motorcycle afterwards.


-Spring replacement. The rear spring needs to be at a precise rate to keep the motorcycle in the correct geometry, depending on the rider weight. It will allow the bike to be in the exact spec range of race sag and static sag. Each model of bike has its own specs of  sag and static sag, directly affecting the bike's handling. Our springs are made of top quality chrome-silicone steel material providing a constant rate thru its long lifetime.




-Replacement parts ( shafts, bumpers, bladders, adjusters, reservoirs, cylinders etc...), machining, special projects, to repair all kinds of failure or wear are also available for most of brands.



-Complete line of "state of the art", performance STADIUM shocks.


We manufacture shocks for most makes of frames, swing arms and EOM components. These shocks highly contributed to win many championships in many disciplines year after year.

From recreational riding to top level competition, we have a model for your needs and budget. No shock is build an advance, every shock is designed and assembled for a specific bike, components weight, skill and application.

We are continuously in communication with the different manufacturers for geometry specifications.


Rear shocks:





*All the P/H models are available with gold, red or blue reservoirs.

*Click on model for technical specs and illustration




-Complete maintenance, cleaning and fluid change. We use synthetic fork fluids only with anti scuffing/anti wear additives. Of course, fluid viscosity and levels is always according to precise specs.


-oil/dust seal replacement, tube polishing and inspection, bushing inspection or replacement and complete maintenance.


-spring replacement if rate is incorrect or wear is detected. We always measure the spring rate with our certified digital scale. We would then recommend to install the right springs if not appropriate.



-Custom valving ,with our flow optimised cartridge pistons, for weight and application.

Here again, manufacturers can't set a motorcycle for everyone's specific needs.

Tuning the forks for you will again result in a easier and much more efficient ride in terms of speed and handling and less physical fatigue.



-lowering/ length modification. We often shorten forks to lower bikes for shorter riders or

to lower the center of gravity. Here again, when combined with rear lowering, will provide an easier handling in slow speed manoeuvres and more confident ride.

This process is always reversible to it's original length if a taller rider would use the motorcycle afterwards.


-replacement parts, specific repairs and projects, chrome re-plating, machining, welding etc(tubes, legs, bushings, seals, damping rods, cartridges etc..) Available for most forks.


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