In the case of these disciplines, for best results, racers are frequently converting MX , Enduro bikes or sports quads.

In either case, suspension work significantly improves the performance of the vehicule.

The goal is to lower centre of gravity, adapt the suspension's hydrolic configuration and spring rate to optimise the traction, weight transfer, braking efficiency and cornering speed. What is also needed is to use a special suspension fluid that will keep it's viscosity in cool winter conditions. (in the case of ice racing)


Here is usually needed to convert the bike or quad for these disciplines (Front and rear):


-complete maintenance, fluid change, shaft polishing, cleaning and servicing. In the case of ice racing, we highly recommend to use our special synthetic fluid, developed to keep a light viscosity in very cold temperatures.


- Custom valving with our optimised flow pistons and PTFE-Turcite friction band.

Obviously, the OEM manufacturers don't produce a motorcycle that will suite everyone's needs especially if you are converting one that was designed for another discipline. That's why we will install our parts. These allow a precise suspension setup tuned for your weight and application.



-Lowering/length modifications.

We often shorten or change the length of a shock or forks, to adapt the vehicule's height. As mentioned previously, this lowers the centre of gravity and rotating mass improving the cornering performance. This operation is fully reversible to it’s original length if rider would use the motorcycle for a different application afterwards.


-Spring replacement. The springs needs to be at a precise rate to keep the motorcycle or quad in the correct geometry, depending on the rider weight. It will allow the bike to be in the exact spec range of race sag and static sag. Each model of bike has its own specs of sag and static sag, directly affecting the bike's handling. It will often be recommended to go softer on rates since there is no big impacts from jump landings etc. The goal is to keep the wheels on the ground with maximum traction.

Our springs are made of top quality powder coated, chrome-silicone steel material providing a constant rate thru its long lifetime.