Suspention Parts / Performance parts


To be able to offer all the services we do here, at the service shop, we had to engineer and produce a large inventory of performance designed parts. Some parts where also created to repair components that manufacturers don't sell. These allow us to repair things that where technically not repairable.

All of these parts used in the factory and service shop, used to repair, modify or tune suspension are available to thru distributors, dealers and directly to customers.

(We ship worldwide with short delays)

Here is a quick overview of suspension parts available at the shop or thru shipping:


-High performance ,optimised flow pistons and valve kits for shocks.

These kits come in sizes of 36 mm, 40 mm, 46 mm and 50 mm

.They are individually prepared for each customer, vehicule and application.

We carry them for most motorcycles, quads and snowmobiles.



- High performance, optimised flow cartridge pistons and valve kits, for motorcycle forks. These are, once again,  individually prepared for each customer, vehicule and application.



- Bladder system reservoir kits. These improve the sensitivity of the shock by lowering friction and heat. Available for most WP, Sachs, Ohlins, and OEM shocks with IFP systems.





-Shock springs and spring kits in different rates and sizes. These replacement s springs are made of top quality chrome-silicone alloy steel providing you a long lasting strength. They are available for most off-road motorcycles, motorcycles, quads, side by side quads and race cars. This operation is necessary to tune the shocks to specific vehicule, rider and application.



-Fork springs for motorcycles. Once again, made of  chrome silicone alloy steel, these are the best quality on the market in terms of durability and precision.

They are available for most off-road motorcycles and motorcycles.  This operation is necessary to tune the forks to specific vehicule, rider and application.



-Dual oil seal, low friction replacement shock sealheads.

We carry a complete line of sealheads to repair most OEM and aftermarket shocks. They are available for almost all models.

We also have some models that are not available from manufacturers. (ex:HPG shocks)




-Replacement parts. We have a large inventory of parts used to repair and modify shocks and forks. These include shock shafts, fork seals, fork bushings, adjustment rings, reservoirs, bladders, caps shims, nuts, spherical joints etc..



-Shock covers. They come in three lengths and are compatible with most ATV and snowmobile shocks.



-Full length neoprene fork protectors. These will make your fork seals and fork tubes last much longer by keeping dirt away from moving parts.



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