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Since it's foundation in 1983, Stadium has been involved into the evolution of the sport at the highest level of competition  in several countries. We have been working since then with top racers, engineers, manufacturers, team managers and riders to develop a complete line of products and services. they, without a doubt, will allow you to optimise your performance an skill bringing you to your optimal level of driving, performance an therefore enjoyment of the sport you love so much, the same way they contributed to win many championships, year after year.



First of all, we would like to inform you that we have parts and work on practically all brands of aftermarket performance shocks.

Therefore, we can offer you service and parts for:


Arragosta, Arvin-Meritor, Bilstein, DMS, Dynamic, Fox, Integra, Kayaba-KYB , Marzochi, Ohlins , Penske, Proflex, Pro-shock, Sachs, Sumo, Reiger, Thein, VRP, Wilbers, WP etc..

And of course STADIUM Shocks.


-Complete maintenance, fluid change, shaft polishing, cleaning and servicing


-Sealhead replacement and servicing with our own designed sealheads.

Our sealheads

have a unique lubricated bushing, dual oil sealing design. This allows a lower shaft friction for less stiction and longer sealhead/shaft life. It also is needed to be replaced if a shock would be leaking or would have some wear in it's guide bushing.



- Custom valving with our flow optimised pistons and PTFE-Turcite friction band.

Obviously, the OEM manufacturers cant produce on a large quantity, a car that will suite everyone's needs. That's why we will install our parts.  These allow a precise suspension setup tuned for your vehicule and application gaining in comfort, traction and speed.

-Shock modifications

With all the parts we have in stock, we frequently modify shocks either to perform better or to adapt them for a specific application. We can for instance install reservoir systems with Hi/low speed compression damping, change length to change ride height and center of gravity, replace shaft for a rebound adjustable model, adapt shock for specific modified frame, change hose length etc.. and many other custom projects.


- Custom Spring. It is often needed to replace spring for a different rate in order to optimise the handling depending of the application.



-replacement parts; shafts, reservoirs, sealheads, caps, hoses, reservoirs, spring clips, adjusters etc are available to repair or install on most brands of shocks.



-Custom shocks-Call for infos.





*All the P/H models are available with gold, red or blue reservoirs.

*All the P/H models are available with "magnum" large capacity reservoir.


*Click on model for technical specs and illustration.




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