Frequently asked question


Q: If I lower my motorcycle, (or Quad) could i eventually bring it back to its original height?

A: Yes. Lowering jobs are reversible. Usually, no parts are trimmed or permanently cut. All we would need to do is remove the internal parts installed when we shortened the components.


Q: If I lower my motorcycle, do I have to modify the side stand?

A: It depends of how much lower it is changed. Usually, most off road bikes and dual-sports don't need side stand modification. In the case of road bikes, it depends, you have to verify case by case.


Q: What is the purpose of putting winter suspension fluid.

A: Winter fluid has synthetic additives that allows it to keep clear viscosity in cold operating temperatures. Therefore, the suspension reacts normally even when the components are cold and that, until minus 40's. They would be ,at these temperatures, be very stiff with standard fluid. This is common practice in ice or snow racing.


Q: If I purchase Stadium shocks for my Quad or sled, and I change A-arms or the quad (or sled) for a different model, can I use the shocks on it?

A: Yes you can. It happens frequently that we convert stadium shocks for a different application. Usually the cost is much lower than buying new product. Quite a few riders converted the same shocks for several machines over the years.

Q: If I get suspension setups for Enduro or XC, can I use my motorcycle on MX tracks?

A: Yes you can. If you think you will occasionally ride MX, specify this point when you give us the setup infos. What will most likely happen is that you will, once the work is done,  have different adjustments setups for MX and XC.



Q: Do I have to bring the machine to your shop?

A: No you don't. All we need is the shock (s) and/or forks. If you cant bring them directly, you can ship them thru any postal or shipping system. We will ship everything back once the work is done. Make sure you leave your coordinates in the package an MAKE SURE YOU SHIP YOUR STUFF CLEAN!!!


Q: If I get my suspension tuned, is it as reliable afterwards?

A: Yes, the replaced parts are often usually better quality then OEM. Therefore, reliability and lifetime is not diminished on a tuned suspension.


Q: how often should I service my suspension components?

A: Maintenance is proportional to use. Obviously, the more you ride, shorter the maintenance interval should be. For average frequent rider, maintenance once a year is recommended. For serious racers, it should be more than that.

Q: Is it true that installing long neoprene fork protectors will increase the life of my fork seals and tubes.

A: Indeed. especially if you install them when the bike is new, you prevent dirt and other abrasives from wearing the tubes and seals. In this case, the fork will last much longer because of a clean operating environment. Control the protectors regularly to make sure that they are not thorn. In this case the dirt could penetrate behind the protector.